Date Added Topic Description
2021-01-29 Simple & Progressive Aspects A quick overview of the differences between the simple and progressive aspects of the present tense in Latin, as well as contrasting the existential use of "est" with the linking use.
2021-02-08 Subjects & Objects (Singular) An overview of recognizing the nominative and accusative singular for a handful of nouns and adjectives
2021-02-22 Noun Declensions An overview of the 1st three "declensions;" the groups that nouns belong to that tell us how they'll change based on function
2021-02-28 Grammatical Person How to recognize when a verb means "I [verb]", "you [verb]", or "ze [verbs]"
2021-03-08 Nominative Plural How to form and recognize the plural forms for subjects
2021-03-22 Imperfect Active Indicative By adding a sound into the middle of a verb, we can say "ze was [verb]ing"; we'll see how to do that!
2021-03-30 Perfect Active Indicative Using a new form of the verb we learn how to recognize and how to say "ze [verb]ed" or "ze has [verb]ed"; the same word in Latin can be translated either way.
2021-04-06 Accusative Plural How to form and recognize the forms of nouns when they are direct objects
2021-04-20 Superlative Adjectives How to take an adjective like "happy" and turn it into "happiest" or "very happy"
2021-04-29 Dative Case How to form and recognize words when they are indirect objects; i.e.: "to [noun]" or "for [noun]"
2021-05-06 1st & 2nd person plural How to construct and recognize verb forms for "we" and "y'all"