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Latin Phrase Translations Lemmata Date Added
licet ['it is allowed'] ['licet'] May 10 2021
exīre ['to go out'] ['exeō'] May 10 2021
vōcem audit ['(ze) hears a voice', '(ze) is hearing a voice'] ['vōx', 'audiō'] May 10 2021
dux castellī ['leader of the castle'] ['dux', 'castellum'] May 10 2021
estō ['so be it', 'okay'] ['sum'] May 10 2021
vōce firmā ['with a firm voice'] ['vōx', 'firmus'] May 10 2021
sonōs faciēns ['making sounds'] ['sonus', 'faciō'] May 10 2021
vērus ['true', 'real'] ['vērus'] May 10 2021
statim ['immediately'] ['statim'] April 19 2021
obdormit ['(ze) falls asleep', '(ze) is falling asleep'] ['obdormiō'] April 19 2021
dormit ['(ze) sleeps', '(ze) is sleeping'] ['dormiō'] April 19 2021
lectus ['bed'] ['lectus'] April 19 2021