Date Added Topic Description
2021-01-31 1st & 2nd Person Plural Verb Forms In addition to presenting the endings used for the first and second person plural in the present, active, indicative, we review the other endings in the present, active, indicative.
2021-02-08 1st & 2nd Person: Imperfect Active Indicative A quick refresher on the imperfect tense and the introduction of the remaining forms for the active indicative.
2021-02-22 Perfect Tense: 1st & 2nd person In addition to the
2021-02-28 Present Active Infinitives The 2nd principal part of verbs; how to say "to [verb]"
2021-03-08 Adjective Agreement (pt 1) Using "-us -a -um" adjectives to describe feminine nouns
2021-03-22 Adjective Agreement (pt. 2) Using 2nd declension endings to describe masculine and neuter nouns
2021-03-30 Adjective Agreement (pt. 3) Using 3rd declension adjectives to describe nouns of all genders
2021-04-06 Relative Pronouns Words for "who", "which", "that", "whom", and "whose" need to match the gender and number of the nouns they refer to
2021-04-20 Pluperfect Active Indicative Using the 3rd principal part, we can express the idea "ze had [verb]ed"
2021-04-29 Genitive Case How to say "of [noun]" or "of [noun]s"
2021-05-06 Grammatical Gender The concept of grammatical gender and some trends to recognize the gender of some nouns