Date Added Title Description
2021-05-24 Latin 1 Grammar Review We review the different grammatical topics from the semester
2021-05-06 Rāna et Lūdī Olympicī rānam spectāmus et lūdīs Olympicīs lūdimus
2021-05-04 Gemma et Scribimus gemmam spectāmus, capitulum iv legimus, et scribimus!
2021-05-03 Nāvis et Lūdus nāvem spectāmus et lūdus dē capitulō iv
2021-04-29 Lekythos, Brando IV, et lūdus lecython spectamus et captiulum iv fābulae dē Brandōne legere pergimus et fortasse lūdimus
2021-04-27 Inauris et capitulum quartum fābulae dē Brandōnis inaurem spectamus et captiulum iv fābulae dē Brandōne legere pergimus
2021-04-26 Pāvō et Lexicon pāvōnem spectāmus deinde lexicō ūtimur!
2021-04-22 Lūmen atque Capitulum IV lūmen, formā rīdiculā, spectāmus et capitulum iv legimus!
2021-04-20 Aureus Aries et Brandōnis Capitulum IV Phrixus et Hellen spectamus, capitulum quartum legimus, et adiectivos superlativos discimus.
2021-04-19 Catillus et Dictātiō Catillum spectāmus et dictātiōnem facimus!
2021-04-13 Dē capitulō tertiō loquimur dē capitulō tertiō respondēmus, pictūrās facimus, et colloquimur
2021-04-12 Legimus et probationem vocabulorum perficimus fabulam legimus, et probationem vocabulorum perficimus
2021-04-08 Sirena, Fabula, Colloquium Sirenam spectamus, fabulam legimus, et colloquimur
2021-04-06 Apollo & Acting We look at a statue of Apollo and continue acting out one of the stories.
2021-04-01 Claudia Italia and another of your stories We look at a funerary inscription, practice vocabulary and read another story
2021-03-30 Damnātiō Memōriae et Fābulae Vestrae we talk about the Roman practice of Damnatio Memoriae & we read your stories!
2021-03-23 Aggripina and Bicycles! We talk about Nero and learn about bicycles
2021-03-11 Rostrum et Brando We look at a rostrum and reconstructed ancient ship and work some more on Brando Brown Canem Vult
2021-03-09 Inscription & Brando We look at an inscription, finish reading Brando ch. 2 together and then do a group read; also: National Latin Exam!
2021-03-08 Phoenix et Brando Phoenicem spectāmus et plūs fābulae dē Brandōne legimus!
2021-03-04 Medea et (fortasse) Brando We look at a giant mixing bowl featuring Medea and maybe have time to read some Brando Brown
2021-03-02 Leō et Brandōnis Capitulum ii Leō et Capitulum ii Brandōnis
2021-03-01 Actaeon et Fāebula Nova We talk about Actaeon and read one of the stories you wrote!
2021-02-25 Canēs, Carmina, Fābulae We look at a dogs, review some of the principals of writing Latin "haicua" write haiku, and maybe read some stories!
2021-02-23 Nummus, Haicu, Fābulae We look at a coin, review some of the principals of writing Latin "haicua" and write our own stories using vocabulary from Chapter 2 of Brando Brown
2021-02-22 Carmina et Fabulae We read a new poem, talk about how Latin poetry works, and write our own poems or stories
2021-02-09 Wrapping up Brando Brown Ch. 1 We look at a vase and finish post reading activities for chapter 1 of Brando Brown
2021-02-08 Post-reading Brando Chapter 1 We look at an altar and do some post-reading activities for Brando Brown
2021-02-04 Re-reading Brando Chapter 1 We talk about Aqueducts, read Brando Brown chapter 1 in small groups, and interpret sentences to draw on
2021-02-02 Brando Brown Canem Vult: Capitulum 1 We try to finish reading chapter 1 of Brando Brown Canem Vult all together and then in small groups.
2021-01-31 Legāmus! We look at a mosaic depicting a dog and we begin to read chapter 1 of Brando Brown Canem Vult
2021-01-27 More Numbers & More Brando Brown! We'll practice more with counting and with numbers as well as exploring Brando Brown's backstory
2021-01-26 Numbers and Novels! We'll start working on acquiring numbers today and also learn more about Brando Brown
2021-01-25 Semester 2 and our novel! We begin the 2nd semester, talk about a mosaic featuring a cat, and start preparing to read our novel!