Date Added Topic Description
2021-01-31 Imperatives and Negative Commands This video briefly introduces the use of the present active imperative.
2021-02-08 Vocative Case A review of declensions and an overview of the vocative case
2021-02-22 Present Active Participles An introduction to present active participles and their forms
2021-03-01 demonstrative / pseudo-pronoun: is, ea, id Latintutorial on youtube does a great job providing an overview of the forms and usage of this word
2021-03-08 Perfect Passive Participles Another form of the verb, this one has properties of adjectives, too!
2021-03-22 Positive Adverbs We see how to take words like "quick" or "heavy" and convert them into adverbs like "quickly" or "heavily"
2021-03-30 Passive Voice: Present System We see how verbs can be adjusted so that "Marcus stabs Gnaeus" can be rendered "Gnaeus is stabbed by Marcus"
2021-04-07 Passive Voice: Perfect System In a change from other verb forms, we see that in the perfect tenses, we need to use 2 words to express our verbal idea
2021-04-21 Subjunctive: Present Tense Used for many things, we learn the subjunctive specifically here for the "hortatory" use, enjoining your companions to take part in an action; "let's learn about it!"
2021-05-07 Imperfect Subjunctive Also used for a great many things, we learn the imperfect subjunctive in order to express unfulfilled wishes; "if only we were learning Latin in all of our classes!"