Date Added Title Description
2021-09-07 Latin 3(H): Week 4 Day 1 We finish reading chapter 3
2021-09-07 Latin 3(H): Week 10 Day 4 We finish reading chapter 7
2021-09-03 Latin 3(H): Week 3 Day 4 We finish reading chapter 3.
2021-09-02 Latin 3: Week 3 Day 3 We start chapter 3 and pursue our mini-projects!
2021-08-31 Latin 3(H): Week 3 Day 2 We'll finish chapter 2, have a vocab quiz, and do some reading of non-classroom stuff!
2021-08-30 Latin 3: Week 3 Day 1 We'll do some independent reading, then talk about books and grammar as we finish chapter 2
2021-08-24 Latin 3(H) Week 2 Day 2 We take a quiz over Chapter 1 Words and begin chapter 2!
2021-08-23 Latin 3(H): Week 2 Day 1 We'll probably finish chapter 1 material!
2021-08-20 Latin 3(h) Week 01 Day 03 We'll finish the "story" for chapter 1! (maybe!)
2021-08-18 Latin 3(H) First Day! First day of school! And we started reading!
2021-05-24 Latin 2 Grammar Review We review the different grammatical concepts from the semester
2021-05-04 Gemma et Fīnēs gemmam spectāmus et dē fīnibus Drūsillae colloquimur
2021-05-03 Nāvis et capitulum v perficimus nāvem spectāmus et fortasse capitulum vi fābulae dē Drūsillā perficimus.
2021-04-29 Lekythos, Capitulum V, atque Lūdus lekython spectamus, capitulum v legimus, et ludimus!
2021-04-27 Inauris et Capitulum V fābulae dē Drūsillā inauris et capitulum quartum Drusillae legere pergimus
2021-04-26 Pāvō et Lexicon pāvōnem spectāmus et lexicō ūtimur
2021-04-22 Lūmen et Capitulum IV lūmen, formā rīdiculā, spectamus et capitulum quintum audīmus.
2021-04-20 Helle Phrixusque et Sulpiciae Capitulum IV Phrixus et Hellen spectamus, capitulum quartum legimus, et tempora plus quam perfecta discimus.
2021-04-19 Catillus et Dictātiō Catillum spectamus et dictātiō fit!
2021-04-13 Capitulum Tertium Perficimus! Dē fābula respondēmus, pictūrās facimus, atque fābulam scrībimus 5 minūtīs.
2021-04-12 Legimus et Probatio! We finish reading chapter 3 of Drusilla and have a vocabulary assessment.
2021-04-08 Sirena, Fabula, Colloquium Sirenam spectamus, capitulum tertium fabulae de Drusilla legimus, et colloquimus!
2021-04-06 Apollo & Acting We look at a statue of Apollo and continue acting out one of the stories.
2021-04-01 Claudia Italia et Fabula Vestra We look at a funerary monument, practice our vocab, and read another story
2021-03-30 Damnatio Memoriae et Fabulae Vestrae We learn about a posthumous punishment and read the stories that you all wrote the day before!
2021-03-23 Agrippīna et cibus! Dē matrē imperātōris Nerōnis loquimur et pelliculum dē coquendō spectāmus
2021-03-11 Rostrum et Drūsilla We look at an ancient ship and finish up with chapter 2 of Drusilla
2021-03-09 Inscription & Drūsilla We read a short funerary inscription and do some post-reading activities with Drusilla
2021-03-08 Phoenix et Drūsilla dē avibus mīrābilibus loquimur et fābulam dē Drūsillā iterum legimus
2021-03-04 Medea et Drūsilla dē Medeā loquimur et plūs fābulae dē Drūsillā legimus
2021-03-02 Leō et Drūsilla Leōnen spectāmus et fābulam dē Drūsillā legimus
2021-03-01 Actaeon et Fābula Nova dē Actaeōne loquimur et fābulās legimus
2021-02-25 Canēs, Carmina, Fābulae Canēs spectāmus, dē carminibus loquimur, fābulās legimus
2021-02-23 Carmina et Fabulae Nummum spectāmus, diem nātālem celbrāmus, de carminibus loquimur (we talk), et fābulās legimus!
2021-02-22 Fabulae Nostrae We look at a cute poem by Martial, start writing our own poems, and read some stories that we wrote!
2021-02-11 One Word at a Time Stories We look at a fancy plate and write our own short stories in groups
2021-02-09 Wrapping Drusilla Chapter 1 We look at a vas and we finish up Drusilla chapter 1
2021-02-08 Post Reading Drusilla Chapter 1 We look at an altar and do some post reading activities for chapter 1 of Drusilla
2021-02-04 Finis Capituli Primi! We start using some new weather expressions! We talk about an aqueduct and finish reading chapter 1 of our novel
2021-02-02 Capitulum Prīmum Drūsillae We look at a mosaic of a monkey and read chapter 1 of Drūsilla et Cōnvīvium Magārum
2021-01-31 The Mysterious Golden Pot We talk about a mosaic of a dog, practice our new vocabulary, reread our made-up story, and push it a little further
2021-01-27 Amazons & Story Asking Intending to acquire: cācabus, probābiliter, Agrippīnae, iam, maga
2021-01-26 Let's read while everyone is gone! Lots of folks are taking the PSAT today and many are at home and Inman's popping out for a bit; let's read some of the novel and talk about it!
2021-01-25 Start of 2nd Semester & our Novel! We discuss a mosaic from Pompeii, welcome each other back, and begin preparing to read our novel