| Jan. 16, 2021, 3:07 p.m.

All of my efforts have been focused on Quenya at the moment. The main page and the glossary now have buttons that allow for the creation of Kahoot! files and quizlet lists, both of which can be easily uploaded into their respective services.

I also added a checkbox to select everything on the page, if needs be.

I have a page that transcribes the Roman transliteration of Quenya into the characters used by the Annatar Tengwar font to render those sounds. It isn't great, though. It has no error handling, so if it encounters an unexpected character it just fails. I'd like to look into whether there are better font options or encoding schemes for tengwar and whether I might be able to actually deal with errors.

Finally, I'd like the detail view of the most recent post to appear on the home screen of the website.

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