Printable Quizzes!

| Nov. 24, 2021, 11:07 p.m.

Whew! I had a lot of down time over the November break to reacquaint myself with the project, and boy was that rough!

I noticed that my first plan for using the current year and a class' putative starting year to determine the current level of Latin they would be in was very flawed. Hopefully now we've got something that will work a little more consistently. Slideshows are back to showing what they should, although due to the problems I'd been having I haven't been updating them. Maybe I can do some crawling to automatically populate that info.

But the big news! I can now make printed vocabulary quizzes! I need a minimum of 20 words, but the quizzes look good and it will be easy to produce multiple forms!

Using web scraping Beautiful Soup, the slideshows should all be current from the moment they're created! No more adding them separately as objects on this website!

Also! This is not quite perfect, but with a csv of 2 columns, where the first is dictionary headwords and the 2nd is definitions, I can create a quiz on Google Forms with the touch of a button. Due to limitations of the API, fill-in-the-blank questions still need to have the "correct" answers added by hand, the answer key for checkbox grid as well as its point values need to be added by hand, and in order for the answers to multiple choice questions to be shuffled, you've got to manually flip a switch. BUT, all told, making a quiz and testing it out only take about 3 minutes now, as opposed to the immeasurable time before!

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